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We prove an asymptotic formula for the Fourier transform of the arithmetic surface measure associated to the Waring--Goldbach problem and provide several applications, including bounds for discrete spherical maximal functions along the primes and distribution results such as ergodic theorems. Read More

Let $1 < p < \infty$, $p\neq 2$. We prove that if $d\geq d_p$ is sufficiently large, and $A\subs\R^d$ is a measurable set of positive upper density then there exists $\la_0=\la_0(A)$ such for all $\la\geq\la_0$ there are $x,y\in\R^d$ such that $\{x,x+y,x+2y\}\subs A$ and $|y|_p=\la$, where $||y||_p=(\sum_i |y_i|^p)^{1/p}$ is the $l^p(\mathbb R^d)$-norm of a point $y=(y_1,\ldots,y_d)\in\R^d$. This means that dense subsets of $\R^d$ contain 3-term progressions of all sufficiently large gaps when the gap size is measured in the $l^p$-metric. Read More

Let $A$ be a subset of positive relative upper density of $\PP^d$, the $d$-tuples of primes. We prove that $A$ contains an affine copy of any finite set $F\subs\Z^d$, which provides a natural multi-dimensional extension of the theorem of Green and Tao on the existence of long arithmetic progressions in the primes. The proof uses the hypergraph approach by assigning a pseudo-random weight system to the pattern $F$ on a $d+1$-partite hypergraph; a novel feature being that the hypergraph is no longer uniform with weights attached to lower dimensional edges. Read More

Let A be a subset of $\F_p^n$, the $n$-dimensional linear space over the prime field $\F_p$ of size at least $\de N$ $(N=p^n)$, and let $S_v=P^{-1}(v)$ be the level set of a homogeneous polynomial map $P:\F_p^n\to\F_p^R$ of degree $d$, and $v\in\F_p^R$. We show, that under appropriate conditions, the set $A$ contains at least $c\, N|S|$ arithmetic progressions of length $l\leq d$ with common difference in $S_v$, where c is a positive constant depending on $\de$, $l$ and $P$. We also show that the conditions are generic for a class of sparse algebraic sets of density $\approx N^{-\eps}$. Read More

Let A be a subset of positive relative upper density of P^d, the d-tuples of primes. We prove that A contains an affine copy of any finite set of lattice points E, as long as E is in general position in the sense that it has at most one point on every coordinate hyperplane. Read More

We present seven theorems on the structure of prime order torsion points on CM elliptic curves defined over number fields. The first three results refine bounds of Silverberg and Prasad-Yogananda by taking into account the class number of the CM order and the splitting of the prime in the CM field. In many cases we can show that our refined bounds are optimal or asymptotically optimal. Read More