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Mathematics - Optimization and Control (2)
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This article discusses a framework to support the design and end-to-end planning of fixed millimeter-wave networks. Compared to traditional techniques, the framework allows an organization to quickly plan a deployment in a cost-effective way. We start by using LiDAR data---basically, a 3D point cloud captured from a city---to estimate potential sites to deploy antennas and whether there is line-of-sight between them. Read More

Capacitated fixed-charge network flows are used to model a variety of problems in telecommunication, facility location, production planning and supply chain management. In this paper, we investigate capacitated path substructures and derive strong and easy-to-compute \emph{path cover and path pack inequalities}. These inequalities are based on an explicit characterization of the submodular inequalities through a fast computation of parametric minimum cuts on a path, and they generalize the well-known flow cover and flow pack inequalities for the single-node relaxations of fixed-charge flow models. Read More