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Controlled variation of the electronic properties of 2D materials by applying strain has emerged as a promising way to design materials for customized applications. Using first principles density functional theory calculations, we show that while the electronic structure and indirect band gap of SnS$_\mathrm{2}$ do not change significantly with the number of layers, they can be reversibly tuned by applying biaxial tensile (BT), biaxial compressive (BC), and normal compressive (NC) strains. Mono to multilayered SnS$_\mathrm{2}$ exhibit a reversible semiconductor to metal transition (S-M) at strain values of 0. Read More

It is proved that the complex double Fourier series of an integrable function $f(x,y)$ with coefficients $\{c_{jk}\}$ satisfying certain conditions, will converge in $L^{1}$-norm. The conditions used here are the combinations of Tauberian condition of Hardy--Karamata kind and its limiting case. This paper extends the result of Bray [1] to complex double Fourier series. Read More