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General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology (5)
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Quantum behavior of the John Lagrangian from the Fab Four class of Covariant Galileons is stud- ied. We consider one-loop corrections to the John interaction due to cubic scalar field interactions. Counter Terms are calculated, one of them belongs to the Fab Four class, the other one to Covariant Galileons. Read More

Horndeski/Galileons may be considered as a proper generalization of General Relativity in high energy regime. Thus one may search for manifestation of Galileons interaction in collision experiments. In this paper we give arguments supporting this thesis. Read More

We perform analytical and numerical study of static spherically symmetric solutions in the context of Brans-Dicke-like cosmological model by Elizalde et al. with an exponential potential. In this model the phantom regime arises without the appearance of any ghost degree of freedom due to the specific form of coupling. Read More

A four-dimensional static Schwarzschild-like solution obtained in [3]-[6] in the frames of the Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity at the Kaluza-Klein split is analyzed. The matter in these solutions is created by auxiliary dimensions. The main goal of our work is to study physically sensible characteristics, which could be observable. Read More

We discuss the possibilities of experimental search for new physics predicted by the Gauss-Bonnet and the Randall-Sundrum theories of gravity. The effective four-dimensional spherically-symmetrical solutions of these theories are analyzed. We consider these solutions in the weak-field limit and in the process of the primordial black holes evaporation. Read More