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The SU(1,1) interferometer can be thought of as a Mach-Zehnder interferometer with its linear beamsplitters replaced with parametric nonlinear optical processes. We consider the cases of bright and vacuum-seeded SU(1,1) interferometers using intensity or homodyne detectors. A simplified, truncated scheme with only one nonlinear interaction is introduced, which not only beats conventional intensity detection with a bright seed, but can saturate the phase sensitivity bound set by the quantum Fisher information. Read More

An SU(1,1) interferometer replaces the beamsplitters in a Mach-Zehnder interferometer with nonlinear interactions and offers the potential of achieving high phase sensitivity in applications with low optical powers. We present a novel variation in which the second nonlinear interaction is replaced with balanced homodyne detection. The phase-sensing quantum state is a two-mode squeezed state produced by seeded four-wave-mixing in Rb vapor. Read More

The study of transverse optical pattern formation has been studied extensively in nonlinear optics, with a recent experimental interest in studying the phenomenon using cold atoms, which can undergo real-space self-organization. Here, we describe our experimental observation of pattern formation in cold atoms, which occurs using less than 1 microWatt of applied power. We show that the optical patterns and the self-organized atomic structures undergo continuous symmetry-breaking, which is characteristic of non-equilibrium phenomena in a multimode system. Read More

The spontaneous formation of patterns in dynamical systems is a rich phenomenon that transcends scientific boundaries. Here, we report our observation of coupled optical-atomic pattern formation, which results in the creation of self-organized, multimode structures in free-space laser-driven cold atoms. We show that this process gives rise to spontaneous three-dimensional Sisyphus cooling even at very low light intensities and the emergence of self-organized atomic structures on both sub- and super-wavelength scales. Read More

There is a broad interest in enhancing the strength of light-atom interactions to the point where injecting a single photon induces a nonlinear material response. Here, we show theoretically that sub-Doppler-cooled, two-level atoms that are spatially organized by weak optical fields give rise to a nonlinear material response that is greatly enhanced beyond that attainable in a homogeneous gas. Specifically, in the regime where the intensity of the applied optical fields is much less than the off-resonant saturation intensity, we show that the third-order nonlinear susceptibility scales inversely with atomic temperature and, due to this scaling, can be two orders of magnitude larger than that of a homogeneous gas for typical experimental parameters. Read More