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Blockchain technology promises a sizable potential for executing inter-organizational business processes without requiring a central party serving as a single point of trust (and failure). This paper analyzes its impact on business process management (BPM). We structure the discussion using two BPM frameworks, namely the six BPM core capabilities and the BPM lifecycle. Read More

In recent years, there has been an increased need for the use of active systems - systems required to act automatically based on events, or changes in the environment. Such systems span many areas, from active databases to applications that drive the core business processes of today's enterprises. However, in many cases, the events to which the system must respond are not generated by monitoring tools, but must be inferred from other events based on complex temporal predicates. Read More

Recent trends in information management involve the periodic transcription of data onto secondary devices in a networked environment, and the proper scheduling of these transcriptions is critical for efficient data management. To assist in the scheduling process, we are interested in modeling the reduction of consistency over time between a relation and its replica, termed obsolescence of data. The modeling is based on techniques from the field of stochastic processes, and provides several stochastic models for content evolution in the base relations of a database, taking referential integrity constraints into account. Read More