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Taking an effective $\rho\pi\pi$ interaction, the self energy of $\rho$ at finite temperature in an arbitrary external magnetic field is calculated using the real time formalism of thermal field theory. The effect of temperature and magnetic field on the in-medium spectral functions are studied. The effective mass and dispersion relations are evaluated from the pole of the complete $\rho$ propagator. Read More

We calculate the rho meson mass in a weak magnetic field using effective $\rho\pi\pi$ interaction. It is seen that both $\rho^0$ and $\rho^\pm$ masses decrease with the magnetic field in vacuum. $\rho$ meson dispersion relation has been calculated and shown to be different for $\rho^0$ and $\rho^\pm$. Read More

The determination of maximum possible amplitude of a coherent longitudinal plasma oscillation/wave is a topic of fundamental importance in non-linear plasma physics. The amplitudes of these large amplitude plasma waves is limited by a phenomena called wave breaking which may be induced by several non-linear processes. It was shown by Coffey [T. Read More

We calculate the yield of lepton pair production from jet-plasma interaction where the plasma is anisotropic in momentum space. We compare both the $M$ and $p_T$ distributions from such process with the Drell-Yan contribution. It is observed that the invariant mass distribution of lepton pair from such process dominate over the Drell-Yan up to $3$ GeV at RHIC and up to $10$ GeV at LHC. Read More

The spatio-temporal evolution and breaking of relativistically intense wave packets in a cold homogeneous unmagnetized plasma has been studied analytically and numerically. A general expression for phase mixing time scale as a function of amplitude of the wave packet and width of the spectrum has been derived. Results have been compared with the existing formulae in literature. Read More

Space-time evolution of relativistic electron beam driven wake-field in a cold, homogeneous plasma, is studied using 1D-fluid simulation techniques. It is observed that the wake wave gradu- ally evolves and eventually breaks, exhibiting sharp spikes in the density profile and sawtooth like features in the electric field profile [1]. It is shown here that the excited wakefield is a longitudi- nal Akhiezer-Polovin mode [2] and its steepening (breaking) can be understood in terms of phase mixing of this mode, which arises because of relativistic mass variation effects. Read More

Phase mixing and eventual breaking of longitudinal Akhiezer - Polovin wave subjected to a small amplitude longitudinal perturbation is studied analytically. It is well known that longitudinal Akhiezer - Polovin wave breaks via the process of phase mixing at an amplitude well below its breaking amplitude, when subjected to arbitrarily small longitudinal perturbation[Phys. Rev. Read More