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Galactic X-ray binary black hole candidate Swift~J1753.5-0127 was discovered on June 30 2005 by Swift/BAT instrument. In this paper, we make detailed analysis of spectral and timing properties of its 2005 outburst using RXTE/PCA archival data. Read More

The Galactic transient black hole candidate (BHC) MAXI~J1659-152 exhibited temporal and spectral evolution during its very first X-ray outburst (2010) after its discovery on 25th Sept. 2010. Our recent studies of a few transient BHCs including MAXI~J1659-152 using Chakrabarti-Titarchuk two-component advective flow (TCAF) solution as an additive table local model in XSPEC revealed details of accretion flow dynamics around the black hole (BH). Read More

We derive accretion flow properties of the transient black hole candidate (BHC) MAXI~J1543-564 using the RXTE data. We use Two-Component Advective Flow (TCAF) solution to fit the data of the very initial rising phase of outburst (from 2011 May 10 to 2011 May 15). $2. Read More

The Galactic transient X-ray binary MAXI~J1836-194 was discovered on 29th August 2011. Here we make a detailed study of the spectral and timing properties of its 2011 outburst using archival data of RXTE Proportional Counter Array instrument. The evolution of accretion flow dynamics of the source during the outburst through spectral analysis with Chakrabarti-Titarchuk's two-component advective flow (TCAF) solution as a local table model in XSPEC. Read More