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Over half a century old and showing no signs of aging, k-means remains one of the most popular data processing algorithms. As is well-known, a proper initialization of k-means is crucial for obtaining a good final solution. The recently proposed k-means++ initialization algorithm achieves this, obtaining an initial set of centers that is provably close to the optimum solution. Read More

One of the most popular algorithms for clustering in Euclidean space is the $k$-means algorithm; $k$-means is difficult to analyze mathematically, and few theoretical guarantees are known about it, particularly when the data is {\em well-clustered}. In this paper, we attempt to fill this gap in the literature by analyzing the behavior of $k$-means on well-clustered data. In particular, we study the case when each cluster is distributed as a different Gaussian -- or, in other words, when the input comes from a mixture of Gaussians. Read More

The k-means algorithm is a well-known method for partitioning n points that lie in the d-dimensional space into k clusters. Its main features are simplicity and speed in practice. Theoretically, however, the best known upper bound on its running time (i. Read More