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In the context of semi-abelian categories, several additional conditions have been considered in order to obtain a closer group-like behavior. Among them are locally algebraic cartesian closedness and algebraic coherence. The recent notion of S-protomodular categories, whose main examples are the category of monoids and, more generally, categories of monoids with operations and J\'onsson-Tarski varieties, raises a similar question: how to get a description of S-protomodular categories with a strong monoid-like behavior. Read More

The aim of this paper is to solve a problem proposed by Dominique Bourn: to provide a categorical-algebraic characterisation of groups amongst monoids and of rings amongst semirings. In the case of monoids, our solution is given by the following equivalent conditions: (i) $G$ is a group; (ii) $G$ is a Mal'tsev object, i.e. Read More

We give a new sufficient condition for the normal extensions in an admissible Galois structure to be reflective. We then show that this condition is indeed fulfilled when X is the (protomodular) reflective subcategory of S-special objects of a Barr-exact S-protomodular category C, where S is the class of split epimorphic trivial extensions in C. Next to some concrete examples where the criterion may be applied, we also study the adjunction between a Barr-exact unital category and its abelian core, which we prove to be admissible. Read More

The category of symmetric quandles is a Mal'tsev variety whose subvariety of abelian symmetric quandles is the category of abelian algebras. We give an algebraic description of the quandle extensions that are central for the adjunction between the variety of quandles and its subvariety of abelian symmetric quandles. Read More

We extend to semi-abelian categories the notion of characteristic subobject, which is widely used in group theory and in the theory of Lie algebras. Moreover, we show that many of the classical properties of characteristic subgroups of a group hold in the general semi-abelian context, or in stronger ones. Read More