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Negotiation diagrams are a model of concurrent computation akin to workflow Petri nets. Deterministic negotiation diagrams, equivalent to the much studied and used free-choice workflow Petri nets, are surprisingly amenable to verification. Soundness (a property close to deadlock-freedom) can be decided in PTIME. Read More

Negotiations are a formalism for describing multiparty distributed cooperation. Alternatively, they can be seen as a model of concurrency with synchronized choice as communication primitive. Well-designed negotiations must be sound, meaning that, whatever its current state, the negotiation can still be completed. Read More

Functional transductions realized by two-way transducers (equivalently, by streaming transducers and by MSO transductions) are the natural and standard notion of "regular" mappings from words to words. It was shown recently (LICS'13) that it is decidable if such a transduction can be implemented by some one-way transducer, but the given algorithm has non-elementary complexity. We provide an algorithm of different flavor solving the above question, that has double exponential space complexity. Read More

In a dynamic parametric process every subprocess may spawn arbitrarily many, identical child processes, that may communicate either over global variables, or over local variables that are shared with their parent. We show that reachability for dynamic parametric processes is decidable under mild assumptions. These assumptions are e. Read More

We consider the model of parametrized asynchronous shared-memory pushdown systems, as introduced in [Hague'11]. In a series of recent papers it has been shown that reachability in this model is PSPACE-complete [Esparza, Ganty, Majumdar'13] and that liveness is decidable in NEXPTIME [Durand-Gasselin, Esparza, Ganty, Majumdar'15]. We show here that the liveness problem is PSPACE-complete. Read More

When a property needs to be checked against an unknown or very complex system, classical exploration techniques like model-checking are not applicable anymore. Sometimes a~monitor can be used, that checks a given property on the underlying system at runtime. A monitor for a property $L$ is a deterministic finite automaton $M_L$ that after each finite execution tells whether (1) every possible extension of the execution is in $L$, or (2) every possible extension is in the complement of $L$, or neither (1) nor (2) holds. Read More

Synthesis is a particularly challenging problem for concurrent programs. At the same time it is a very promising approach, since concurrent programs are difficult to get right, or to analyze with traditional verification techniques. This paper gives an introduction to distributed synthesis in the setting of Mazurkiewicz traces, and its applications to decentralized runtime monitoring. Read More

The distributed synthesis problem is about constructing cor- rect distributed systems, i.e., systems that satisfy a given specification. Read More

Affiliations: 1LaBRI, Université de Bordeaux, CNRS, France, 2LaBRI, Université de Bordeaux, CNRS, France, 3LaBRI, Université de Bordeaux, CNRS, France, 4LaBRI, Université de Bordeaux, CNRS, France

The reachability analysis of recursive programs that communicate asynchronously over reliable FIFO channels calls for restrictions to ensure decidability. Our first result characterizes communication topologies with a decidable reachability problem restricted to eager runs (i.e. Read More

Distributed systems are notoriously difficult to understand and analyze in order to assert their correction w.r.t. Read More

We study three different kinds of embeddings of tree patterns: weakly-injective, ancestor-preserving, and lca-preserving. While each of them is often referred to as injective embedding, they form a proper hierarchy and their computational properties vary (from P to NP-complete). We present a thorough study of the complexity of the model checking problem i. Read More

Affiliations: 1INRIA - IRISA, 2LaBRI, 3LaBRI, 4LaBRI

We consider the task of controlling in a distributed way a Zielonka asynchronous automaton. Every process of a controller has access to its causal past to determine the next set of actions it proposes to play. An action can be played only if every process controlling this action proposes to play it. Read More

This paper proposes a data tree-rewriting framework for modeling evolving documents. The framework is close to Guarded Active XML, a platform used for handling XML repositories evolving through web services. We focus on automatic verification of properties of evolving documents that can contain data from an infinite domain. Read More

A web service is modeled here as a finite state machine. A composition problem for web services is to decide if a given web service can be constructed from a given set of web services; where the construction is understood as a simulation of the specification by a fully asynchronous product of the given services. We show an EXPTIME-lower bound for this problem, thus matching the known upper bound. Read More