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We study an inverse seesaw model of neutrino mass within the framework of $S_4$ flavour symmetry from the requirement of generating non-zero reactor mixing angle $\theta_{13}$ along with correct dark matter relic abundance. The leading order $S_4$ model gives rise to tri-bimaximal type leptonic mixing resulting in $\theta_{13}=0$. Non-zero $\theta_{13}$ is generated at one loop level by extending the model with additional scalar and fermion fields which take part in the loop correction. Read More

We present a TeV scale seesaw mechanism for exploring the dark matter and neutrino phenomenology in the light of recent neutrino and cosmology data. A different realization of the Inverse seesaw(ISS) mechanism with $A_{4}$ flavor symmetry is being implemented as a leading contribution to the light neutrino mass matrix which usually gives rise to vanishing reactor mixing angle $\theta_{13}$. Using a non-diagonal form of Dirac neutrino mass matrix and $3\sigma$ values of mass square differences we parameterize the neutrino mass matrix in terms of Dirac Yukawa coupling "$y$". Read More