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In real-time embedded systems (RTS), failures due to security breaches can cause serious damage to the system, the environment and/or injury to humans. Therefore, it is very important to understand the potential threats and attacks against these systems. In this paper we present a novel reconnaissance attack that extracts the exact schedule of real-time systems designed using fixed priority scheduling algorithms. Read More

We study the problem of causal structure learning over a set of random variables when the experimenter is allowed to perform at most $M$ experiments in a non-adaptive manner. We consider the optimal learning strategy in terms of minimizing the portions of the structure that remains unknown given the limited number of experiments in both Bayesian and minimax setting. We characterize the theoretical optimal solution and propose an algorithm, which designs the experiments efficiently in terms of time complexity. Read More

Interaction information is one of the multivariate generalizations of mutual information, which expresses the amount information shared among a set of variables, beyond the information, which is shared in any proper subset of those variables. Unlike (conditional) mutual information, which is always non-negative, interaction information can be negative. We utilize this property to find the direction of causal influences among variables in a triangle topology under some mild assumptions. Read More

We study a covert queueing channel between two users sharing a round robin scheduler. Such a covert channel can arise when users share a resource such as a computer processor or a router arbitrated by a round robin policy. We present an information-theoretic framework to model and derive the maximum reliable data transmission rate, i. Read More