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High Energy Physics - Theory (3)

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We explore the Mellin representation of correlation functions in conformal field theories in the weak coupling regime. We provide a complete proof for a set of Feynman rules to write the Mellin amplitude for a general tree level Feynman diagram involving only scalar operators. We find a factorised form involving beta functions associated to the propagators, similar to tree level Feynman rules in momentum space for ordinary QFTs. Read More

We compute the anomalous dimensions of a class of operators of the form $(\bar\psi\psi)^p$ and $(\bar\psi\psi)^p\psi$ to leading order in $\epsilon$ in the Gross-Neveu model in $2+\epsilon$ dimensions. We use the techniques developed in arXiv: 1505.00963. Read More

We study $3d$ SCFTs in the superspace formalism and discuss superfields and on-shell higher spin current multiplets in free $3d$ SCFTs with $\mathcal{N}= 1,2,3,4$ and $6$ superconformal symmetry. For $\mathcal{N}=1$ 3d SCFTs we determine the superconformal invariants in superspace needed for constructing 3-point functions of higher spin operators, find the non-linear relations between the invariants and consequently write down all the independent invariant structures, both parity even and odd, for various 3-point functions of higher spin operators. Read More