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We consider the constrained assortment optimization problem under the mixed multinomial logit model. Even moderately sized instances of this problem are challenging to solve directly using standard mixed-integer linear optimization formulations. This has motivated recent research exploring customized optimization strategies and approximation techniques. Read More

We develop a spatial branch-and-cut approach for nonconvex Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programs with bounded complex variables (CQCQP). Linear valid inequalities are added at each node of the search tree to strengthen semidefinite programming relaxations of CQCQP. These valid inequalities are derived from the convex hull description of a nonconvex set of $2 \times 2$ positive semidefinite Hermitian matrices subject to a rank-one constraint. Read More

We investigate a mixed $0-1$ conic quadratic optimization problem with indicator variables arising in mean-risk optimization. The indicator variables are often used to model non-convexities such as fixed charges or cardinality constraints. Observing that the problem reduces to a submodular function minimization for its binary restriction, we derive three classes of strong convex valid inequalities by lifting the polymatroid inequalities on the binary variables. Read More

We consider a network design problem with random arc capacities and give a formulation with a probabilistic capacity constraint on each cut of the network. To handle the exponentially-many probabilistic constraints a separation procedure that solves a nonlinear minimum cut problem is introduced. For the case with independent arc capacities, we exploit the supermodularity of the set function defining the constraints and generate cutting planes based on the supermodular covering knapsack polytope. Read More

We describe new convex valid inequalities for $p$-order conic mixed-integer optimization, which includes the important second order conic mixed-integer optimization as a special case. The inequalities are based on the polymatroid inequalities over binary variables for the diagonal case. We prove that the proposed inequalities completely describe the convex hull of a single conic constraint over binary variables and unbounded continuous variables. Read More

Capacitated fixed-charge network flows are used to model a variety of problems in telecommunication, facility location, production planning and supply chain management. In this paper, we investigate capacitated path substructures and derive strong and easy-to-compute \emph{path cover and path pack inequalities}. These inequalities are based on an explicit characterization of the submodular inequalities through a fast computation of parametric minimum cuts on a path, and they generalize the well-known flow cover and flow pack inequalities for the single-node relaxations of fixed-charge flow models. Read More