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A distributed multi-speaker voice activity detection (DM-VAD) method for wireless acoustic sensor networks (WASNs) is proposed. DM-VAD is required in many signal processing applications, e.g. Read More

OBJECTIVE: We aim to extract and denoise the attended speaker in a noisy, two-speaker acoustic scenario, relying on microphone array recordings from a binaural hearing aid, which are complemented with electroencephalography (EEG) recordings to infer the speaker of interest. METHODS: In this study, we propose a modular processing flow that first extracts the two speech envelopes from the microphone recordings, then selects the attended speech envelope based on the EEG, and finally uses this envelope to inform a multi-channel speech separation and denoising algorithm. RESULTS: Strong suppression of interfering (unattended) speech and background noise is achieved, while the attended speech is preserved. Read More

We study a distributed node-specific parameter estimation problem where each node in a wireless sensor network is interested in the simultaneous estimation of different vectors of parameters that can be of local interest, of common interest to a subset of nodes, or of global interest to the whole network. We assume a setting where the nodes do not know which other nodes share the same estimation interests. First, we conduct a theoretical analysis on the asymptotic bias that results in case the nodes blindly process all the local estimates of all their neighbors to solve their own node-specific parameter estimation problem. Read More