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The ability to engineer the thermal conductivity of materials allows us to control the flow of heat and derive novel functionalities such as thermal rectification, thermal switching, and thermal cloaking. While this could be achieved by making use of composites and metamaterials at bulk scales, engineering the thermal conductivity at micro- and nano-scale dimensions is considerably more challenging. In this work we show that the local thermal conductivity along a single Si nanowire can be tuned to a desired value (between crystalline and amorphous limits) with high spatial resolution through selective helium ion irradiation with a well-controlled dose. Read More

Atomically thin circuits have recently been explored for applications in next-generation electronics and optoelectronics and have been demonstrated with two-dimensional lateral heterojunctions. In order to form true 2D circuitry from a single material, electronic properties must be spatially tunable. Here, we report tunable transport behavior which was introduced into single layer tungsten diselenide and tungsten disulfide by focused He$^+$ irradiation. Read More

This paper presents a regularized regression model with two-level structural sparsity penalties and applies it for locating individual atoms in a noisy electron microscope image. For crystalline materials, the locations of atoms have spatial symmetries, forming a few regular lattice groups. Therefore, by simply identifying a few underlying lattice groups seen in an image, one can locate most atoms in the image accurately. Read More