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Publications Authored By Alessandro Ottazzi

We prove a general multiplier theorem for symmetric left-invariant sub-Laplacians with drift on non-compact Lie groups. This considerably improves and extends a result by Hebisch, Mauceri, and Meda. Applications include groups of polynomial growth and solvable extensions of stratified groups. Read More

We consider hypersurfaces of finite type in a direct product space ${\mathbb R}^2 \times {\mathbb R}^2$, which are analogues to real hypersurfaces of finite type in ${\mathbb C}^2$. We shall consider separately the cases where such hypersurfaces are regular and singular, in a sense that corresponds to Levi degeneracy in hypersurfaces in ${\mathbb C}^2$. For the regular case, we study formal normal forms and prove convergence by following Chern and Moser. Read More

We prove the equivalence of several natural notions of conformal maps between sub-Riemannian manifolds. Our main contribution is in the setting of those manifolds that support a suitable regularity theory for subelliptic $p$-Laplacian operators. For such manifolds we prove a Liouville-type theorem, i. Read More

Let $G = N \rtimes A$, where $N$ is a stratified group and $A = \mathbb{R}$ acts on $N$ via automorphic dilations. Homogeneous sub-Laplacians on $N$ and $A$ can be lifted to left-invariant operators on $G$ and their sum is a sub-Laplacian $\Delta$ on $G$. We prove a theorem of Mihlin-H\"ormander type for spectral multipliers of $\Delta$. Read More

In Carnot-Caratheodory or sub-Riemannian geometry, one of the major open problems is whether the conclusions of Sard's theorem holds for the endpoint map, a canonical map from an infinite-dimensional path space to the underlying finite-dimensional manifold. The set of critical values for the endpoint map is also known as abnormal set, being the set of endpoints of abnormal extremals leaving the base point. We prove that a strong version of Sard's property holds for all step-2 Carnot groups and several other classes of Lie groups endowed with left-invariant distributions. Read More

We describe the automorphisms of a singular multicontact structure, that is a generalisation of the Martinet distribution. Such a structure is interpreted as a para-CR structure on a hypersurface M of a direct product space R^2 x R^2. We introduce the notion of a finite type singularity analogous to CR geometry and, along the way, we prove extension results for para-CR functions and mappings on embedded para-CR manifolds into the ambient space. Read More

We show that globally defined quasiconformal mappings of rigid Carnot groups are affine, but that globally defined contact mappings of rigid Carnot groups need not be quasiconformal, and a fortiori not affine. Read More

If f is a conformal mapping defined on a connected open subset of a Carnot group G, then either f is the composition of a translation, a dilation and an isometry, or G is the nilpotent Iwasawa component of a real rank 1 simple Lie group S, and f arises from the action of S on G, viewed as an open subset of S/P, where P is a parabolic subgroup of G and NP is open and dense in S. Read More

We prove a multiplier theorem for certain Laplacians with drift on Damek-Ricci spaces, which are a class of Lie groups of exponential growth. Our theorem generalizes previous results obtained by W. Hebisch, G. Read More

We show that isometries between open sets of Carnot groups are affine. This result generalizes a result of Hamenstadt. Our proof does not rely on her proof. Read More

We show that the tangent cone at the identity is not a complete quasiconformal invariant for sub-Riemannian nilpotent groups. Namely, we show that there exists a nilpotent Lie group equipped with left invariant sub-Riemannian metric that is not locally quasiconformally equivalent to its tangent cone at the identity. In particular, such spaces are not locally bi-Lipschitz homeomorphic. Read More

L. Capogna and M. Cowling showed that if $\phi$ is 1-quasiconformal on an open subset of a Carnot group G, then composition with $\phi$ preserves Q-harmonic functions, where Q denotes the homogeneous dimension of G. Read More