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Computer Science - Distributed; Parallel; and Cluster Computing (3)
Computer Science - Data Structures and Algorithms (2)
Computer Science - Robotics (1)

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This paper studies the problem of having mobile robots in a multi-robot system maintain an estimate of the relative position and relative orientation of near-by robots in the environment. This problem is studied in the context of large swarms of simple robots which are capable of measuring only the distance to near-by robots. We present two distributed localization algorithms with different trade-offs between their computational complexity and their coordination requirements. Read More

We consider the problem of computing a maximal independent set (MIS) in an extremely harsh broadcast model that relies only on carrier sensing. The model consists of an anonymous broadcast network in which nodes have no knowledge about the topology of the network or even an upper bound on its size. Furthermore, it is assumed that an adversary chooses at which time slot each node wakes up. Read More

We consider the problem of finding a maximal independent set (MIS) in the discrete beeping model. At each time, a node in the network can either beep (i.e. Read More

We present the \emph{discrete beeping} communication model, which assumes nodes have minimal knowledge about their environment and severely limited communication capabilities. Specifically, nodes have no information regarding the local or global structure of the network, don't have access to synchronized clocks and are woken up by an adversary. Moreover, instead on communicating through messages they rely solely on carrier sensing to exchange information. Read More