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Publications Authored By Alejandro B Aceves

In this work, we study optical self-focusing that leads to collapse events for the time-independent model of co-propagating beams with different wavelengths. We show that collapse events depend on the combined critical power of two beams for both fundamental, vortex and mixed configurations as well as on the ratio of their individual powers. Read More

Novel photonic structures such as multi-core fibers and graphene based arrays present unique opportunities to manipulate and control the propagation of light. Here we discuss nonlinear dynamics for structures with a few (2 to 6) elements for which linear and nonlinear properties can be tuned. Specifically we show how nonlinearity, coupling, and parity-time PT symmetric gain/loss relate to existence, stability and in general, dynamical properties of nonlinear optical modes. Read More

We describe the generation of powerful dispersive waves that are observed when pumping a dual concentric core microstructured fiber by means of a sub-nanosecond laser emitting at the wavelength of~1064 nm. The presence of three zeros in the dispersion curve, their spectral separation from the pump wavelength, and the complex dynamics of solitons originated by the pump pulse break-up, all contribute to boost the amplitude of the dispersive wave on the long-wavelength side of the pump. The measured conversion efficiency towards the dispersive wave at 1548 nm is as high as 50%. Read More

We derive the rogue wave solution of the classical massive Thirring model, that describes nonlinear optical pulse propagation in Bragg gratings. Combining electromagnetically induced transparency with Bragg scattering four-wave mixing, may lead to extreme waves at extremely low powers. Read More

Soliton-soliton collisions have a crucial role in enhancing the spectrum of dispersive waves in optical fibers and collisions among in-phase solitons lead to a dramatic enhancement of the dispersive wave power, as well as to its significant spectral reshaping. We obtained a simple analytical model to estimate the spectral position, width and amplitude of the dispersive waves induced by a collision of two in-phase solitons. We tested our theory in the case of a dual concentric core microstructured fiber. Read More

We study the giant Goos-Hanchen shift obtained from an Airy beam impinging on a nonlinear interface. To avoid any angular restriction associated with the paraxial approximation, the analysis is based on the numerical solution of the nonlinear Helmholtz equation. We report the existence of non-standard intermittent and oscillatory regimes for the nonlinear Goos-Hanchen shifts which can be explained in terms of the competition between the critical coupling to a surface mode of the reflected component of the Airy beam and the soliton emission from the refracted beam component. Read More

We present results on the dynamics of split-ring dimers having both gain and loss in one dimensional nonlinear parity-time- (PT-)symmetric magnetic metamaterials. For the longwave (continuum) limit approximation and in the weakly nonlinear limit, we show analytic results on the existence of gap soliton solutions and on symmetry breaking phenomenon at a critical value of the gain/loss term. Read More

In general, there is an inverse relation between the degree of localization of a wavefunction of a certain class and its transform representation dictated by the scaling property of the Fourier transform. We report that in the case of finite energy Airy wavepackets a simultaneous increase in their localization in the direct and transform domains can be obtained as the apodization parameter is varied. One consequence of this is that the far field diffraction rate of a finite energy Airy beam decreases as the beam localization at the launch plane increases. Read More

It is shown that slow Bragg soliton solutions are possible in nonlinear complex parity-time (PT) symmetric periodic structures. Analysis indicates that the PT-symmetric component of the periodic optical refractive index can modify the grating band structure and hence the effective coupling between the forward and backward waves. Starting from a classical modified massive Thirring model, solitary wave solutions are obtained in closed form. Read More

We study the role that phase disorder plays in the mode discrimination characteristics of a Talbot resonator. Two cases considered here correspond to a six-core and a twelve-core photonic crystal fiber. Read More

The generation of broadband supercontinua (SC) in air-silica microstructured fibers results from a delicate balance of dispersion and nonlinearity. We analyze two models aimed at better understanding SC. In the first one, we characterize linear dispersion in the Fourier domain from the calculated group velocity dispersion (GVD) without using a Taylor approximation for the propagation constant. Read More