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Locations, e.g., countries, states, cities, and point-of-interests, are central to news, emergency events, and people's daily lives. Read More

The task of next POI recommendation has been studied extensively in recent years. However, developing an unified recommendation framework to incorporate multiple factors associated with both POIs and users remains challenging, because of the heterogeneity nature of these information. Further, effective mechanisms to handle cold-start and endow the system with interpretability are also difficult topics. Read More

Most existing techniques for spam detection on Twitter aim to identify and block users who post spam tweets. In this paper, we propose a Semi-Supervised Spam Detection (S3D) framework for spam detection at tweet-level. The proposed framework consists of two main modules: spam detection module operating in real-time mode, and model update module operating in batch mode. Read More

The Internet of Things (IoT), in general, is a compelling paradigm that aims to connect everyday objects to the Internet. Nowadays, IoT is considered as one of the main technologies which contribute towards reshaping our daily lives in the next decade. IoT unlocks many exciting new opportunities in a variety of applications in research and industry domains. Read More