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In view of the searches at the LHC for scalar particle resonances in addition to the 125 GeV Higgs boson, we present the cross section for a CP-even scalar produced via gluon fusion at N3LO in perturbative QCD assuming that it couples directly to gluons in an effective theory approach. We refine our prediction by taking into account the possibility that the scalar couples to the top-quark and computing the corresponding contributions through NLO in perturbative QCD. We assess the theoretical uncertainties of the cross section due to missing higher-order QCD effects and we provide the necessary information for obtaining the cross section value and uncertainty from our results in specific scenarios beyond the Standard Model. Read More

We present the most precise value for the Higgs boson cross-section in the gluon-fusion production mode at the LHC. Our result is based on a perturbative expansion through N$^3$LO in QCD, in an effective theory where the top-quark is assumed to be infinitely heavy, while all other Standard Model quarks are massless. We combine this result with QCD corrections to the cross-section where all finite quark-mass effects are included exactly through NLO. Read More

We compute the NNLO QCD corrections for the hadroproduction of a pair of off-shell photons in the limit of a large number of quark flavors. We perform a reduction of the two-loop amplitude to master integrals and calculate the latter analytically as a Laurent series in the dimensional regulator using modern integration methods. Real radiation corrections are evaluated numerically with a direct subtraction of infrared limits which we cast in a simple factorized form. Read More

The full, explicit, scale dependence of the inclusive N3LO cross section for single Higgs hadroproduction is obtained by calculating the convolutions of collinear splitting kernels with lower-order partonic cross sections. We provide results for all convolutions of splitting kernels and lower-order partonic cross sections to the order in epsilon needed for the full N3LO computation, as well as their expansions around the soft limit. We also discuss the size of the total scale uncertainty at N3LO that can be anticipated with existing information. Read More

The fully differential computation of the hadronic production cross section of a Higgs boson via bottom quarks is presented at NNLO in QCD. Several differential distributions with their corresponding scale uncertainties are presented for the 8 TeV LHC. This is the first application of the method of non-linear mappings for NNLO differential calculations at hadron colliders. Read More

We present the inclusive Higgs boson cross-section at the LHC with collision energy of 8 TeV. Our predictions are obtained using our publicly available program iHixs which incorporates NNLO QCD corrections and electroweak corrections. We review the convergence of the QCD perturbative expansion at this new energy and examine the impact of finite Higgs width effects. Read More

The decay of a light Higgs boson to bottom quarks is dominant and can be exploited for the discovery of the Higgs particle and the measurement of its properties at the LHC and future collider experiments. We perform a first computation of the fully differential decay at next-next-to-leading order in perturbative QCD. We employ a novel method of non-linear mappings for the treatment of singularities in the radiative processes which contribute to the decay width. Read More

We present a new program (iHixs) which computes the inclusive Higgs boson cross-section at hadron colliders. It incorporates QCD corrections through NNLO, real and virtual electroweak corrections, mixed QCD-electroweak corrections, quark-mass effects through NLO in QCD, and finite width effects for the Higgs boson and heavy quarks. iHixs can be used to obtain the most precise cross-section values in fixed order perturbation theory in the Standard Model. Read More

We present theoretical predictions for the Higgs boson production cross-section via gluon fusion at the LHC in a Standard Model with four generations. We include QCD corrections through NLO retaining the full dependence on the quark masses, and the NNLO corrections in the heavy quark effective theory approximation. We also include electroweak corrections through three loops. Read More

Real and virtual corrections in NNLO QCD require multi-dimensional integrals with overlapping singularities. We first review ideas and methods which have been proposed for performing such computations. We then present a new method for the factorization of overlapping singularities based on non-linear integral transformations. Read More

A method to separate pentagon contributions from the evaluation of the cut constructible part of primitive amplitudes within the framework of D-dimensional unitarity is proposed. The cut constructible part is thus reconstructed with significantly higher accuracy as demonstrated by the numerical analysis presented here. Read More

We present a calculation of the full next-to-leading order QCD corrections to the scattering process pp \to t tbar Z. This channel will be used to measure the t tbar Z electroweak couplings at the Large Hadron Collider. These couplings cannot be directly measured in current experiments. Read More

We compute the O(alpha_s) QCD corrections to the partonic process gg -> t-tbar-Z at the LHC. This partonic channel is the dominant component of the scattering process pp -> t-tbar-Z, which will be important for measuring the t-tbar-Z electroweak couplings. The O(alpha_s) corrections increase the total cross section by up to 75% for reasonable choices of the renormalization and factorization scales. Read More

We present a computation of the next-to-leading order QCD corrections to the production of three Z bosons at the LHC. We calculate these corrections using a completely numerical method that combines sector decomposition to extract infrared singularities with contour deformation of the Feynman parameter integrals to avoid internal loop thresholds. The NLO QCD corrections to pp -> ZZZ are approximately 50%, and are badly underestimated by the leading order scale dependence. Read More

We present a proof of the Britto-Cachazo-Feng-Witten tree-level recursion relation for gluon amplitudes in QCD, based on a direct equivalence between BCFW decompositions and Feynman diagrams. We demonstrate that this equivalence can be made explicit when working in a convenient gauge. We exhibit that gauge invariance and the particular structure of Yang-Mills vertices guarantees the validity of the BCFW construction. Read More

We discuss the computational complexity of the perturbative evaluation of scattering amplitudes, both by the Caravaglios-Moretti algorithm and by direct evaluation of the individual diagrams. For a self-interacting scalar theory, we determine the complexity as a function of the number of external legs. We describe a method for obtaining the number of topologically inequivalent Feynman graphs containing closed loops, and apply this to one- and two-loop amplitudes. Read More