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Using the phonon Boltzmann transport formalism and density functional theory based calculations, we show that stanene has a low thermal conductivity. For a sample size of 1$\times$1 $\mu$m$^{2}$ ($L\times W$), the lattice thermal conductivities along the zigzag and armchair directions are 10.83 W/m-K and 9. Read More

Controlled variation of the electronic properties of 2D materials by applying strain has emerged as a promising way to design materials for customized applications. Using first principles density functional theory calculations, we show that while the electronic structure and indirect band gap of SnS$_\mathrm{2}$ do not change significantly with the number of layers, they can be reversibly tuned by applying biaxial tensile (BT), biaxial compressive (BC), and normal compressive (NC) strains. Mono to multilayered SnS$_\mathrm{2}$ exhibit a reversible semiconductor to metal transition (S-M) at strain values of 0. Read More

Phosphorene, a two-dimensional (2D) analog of black phosphorous, has been a subject of immense interest recently, due to its high carrier mobilities and a tunable bandgap. So far, tunability has been predicted to be obtained with very high compressive/tensile in-plane strains, and vertical electric field, which are difficult to achieve experimentally. Here, we show using density functional theory based calculations the possibility of tuning electronic properties by applying normal compressive strain in bilayer phosphorene. Read More